My name is Haley, but you can call me Lee. I'm a nineteen year old living in Texas. I'm a typical Gemini. i fucking love - makeup, vanilla scents, girly perfume, family guy, Left4Dead, video games, family, working out, horror movies, bud light, pretty teeth, art, mysteries, milkshakes, icees, starbucks, shopping, piercings, tattoos, graphic design, colors, animal print, berry scents, candles, green tea, smoking, coffee, ferrets, rats, pugs, pomeranians, boston terriers, kittens, great danes, mastiffs, people who smell good, dimples, tanning, pizza, South Park, the l word, boys, girls, cuddling, sleeping, bras, panties, laying out, tumblr, victoria's secret, floral print, defined jawlines, androgyny, kissing, sweat pants, relaxing, taco bell, cupcakes, writing, gardening, feeling pretty, sexual innuendos, sarcasm, the idea of love.